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Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 202/402 The World of Dostoevskii

Study axe murder, tubercular radicals, and great literature! This course will immerse students in the world of the great Russian fiction author Fedor Dostoevskii. Since the understanding the physical and mental world Dostoevskii inhabited is critical to understanding his fiction, the class will address such topics as the development of German philosophy in the 19th century, the development of Russian radical culture (including axe murder . . . ) and the Russian state, and general developments in the natural and human sciences, all of which, and more, influenced Dostoevskii's writings. Students will apply this knowledge to interpreting Dostoevskii's fiction, particularly through selections from his major novels The Brothers Karamazov, The Devils, and The Idiot.

Substitutions: Possible course substitutions (subject to departmental approval): PHIL 100; HSTR 102; HSTR 310; HSTR 360


Time: Spring 2011, Block 6,

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