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Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HONR 100/300 Native wildlife and habitats, an international comparison

In this course the core content of the MT Wildlife & Habitats class will be expanded to include comparisons with other states/provinces/countries of the world with ecosystems comparable to those found in Montana. In addition to comparing the biology of animals and habitats between sites (ex. how do Siberian taimen compare to b

The course is inherently interdisciplinary as collaborative conservation relies on different scientific fields, as well as history, cultural studies, political science, economics, and law. Human dimensions analyses will include the role of native species in the lives of local communities (with an emphasis on indigenous peoples), and social, legal and policy aspects of conservation planning to protect native species and habitats. Geographies I would like to compare to Montana likely will include parts of Russia, Mongolia, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Canada.

Science gen ed : BIOO 101 MT Wildlife and Habitats ,
300-level WILD rubric course in the Human Dimensions of Ecology area course requirement in the BS Ecology/Fish & Wildlife Ecology Option

Instructor: Dr. Michelle Anderson

Time: Spring 2019, Block 5.

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