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HON 202/402 By the Hammer of Thor: Norse History and Culture

This course will provide a survey historical examination of ancient and medieval northern peoples and the cultural elements that defined their worldviews. Themes will focus especially on tribal political structures and competition, the logic and processes of migration, the role of the family, cosmology and the processes of Christianization and resistance, and literary contributions -- most notably the Eddas (poetic and prose), the Sagas, and the several forms of skaldic poetry. For simplicity's sake, the course title employs an umbrella reference (the "Norse"); however, students will examine not only the common elements held across Nordic and Germanic tribes, but also their significant differences: major tribes examined include the Angles, Saxons, Frisians, Jutes, and Swedes, among others. Given current catalogue offerings that focus more extensively on the modern historical era, this course offers students interested in ancient and medieval history an opportunity to explore those eras more deeply.

Students will demonstrate proficiency with the material through written assignments (both analytical and creative), class discussion, as well as individual and group projects. The length and complexity of these assignments will be tiered, reflecting that the class is offered at both 200 and 400 levels. All students will be expected to commit to a reading and writing intensive class, however, regardless of level.

Substitutions: Definitely: POLS 291; POLS 409; GEOG 102.
Potentially, pending instructor/department approval: HIST 101; HIST 274; HIST 409; ENGL 273

Instructors: Dr. Sara Glasgow

Time: Spring 2010, Block 6, am

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