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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 101/201/301/401 Discover Scotland!
Study Naturalist Interpretation, Geology, and Botany

This course will introduce participants to the ancient country of Scotland, where geological and botanical diversity comes alive through the magnificent interpretation practiced throughout the island. We will experience the diverse natural landscapes of Scotland, including glaciated mountain peaks, highlands, isolated islands, and thousands of miles of coastline. The rich geologic setting of Scotland inspired 18th and early 19th Century naturalists to lay the intellectual foundations of modern geology. Interpretation as a discipline has long been practiced in Scotland and they are credited with inventing the internationally used "developing a sense of place" for visitors. Students will discover the historical and modern ethnobotanical practices of the island by investigation and visiting local experts. We will observe how the people we interact with interpret and preserve Scotland's natural heritage in national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas. All aspects of the two-week trip will include professional interpreter/guides and class instructors leading the group.

Travel Abroad: In the first week, we will meet in the regular class time and work on preparation for the trip. This will include lectures, class activities, movies, language study, and logistical planning. The class centers on a 12 to14 day trip to Scotland. Academically, we will focus on the geology, botany, and naturalist interpretation of the places we visit. We will also be tourists in a country where Gaelic is still spoken and used in everyday life, so some language study will accompany the class through the use of language tapes and a community Gaelic speaker. During the last week of class, students will finalize their photo journals and public presentations, culminating in an evening event open to the public.

HON 202/402 Discover Scotland! is available for either lower (101/201) or upper (301/401) division credit.

Substitutions: Possible course substitutions (subject to instructor and departmental approval): *BIOO 120 Introduction to Ethnobotany
BIOO 435 Plant Systematics
*ENVS 180 Applied Sustainable Landscape Horticulture
*GEO 101 Introduction to Geology (for all but Elementary Education majors)
*GEO 103 Introduction to Environmental Geology
GEO 494 Senior Geology Seminar
GEO 230 Geology of the American West
GEO 378 Surficial Processes
ENST 475 Environmental Interpretation (II)
* General Education classes

Instructors: Dr.Linda LYON & Dr. Sheila ROBERTS

Time: Fall 2013, Block 2 Travel

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