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Honors First Year Experience: Linked Courses

"Earlier in my life, I thought I was in love with the answers. I found out later that I was really in love with the questions . . . " - Roger Dunsmore.

The Fearfully Great Lizards of the Mesozoic and Mesozoic Modeling
This is a freshman honors course that will be linked for both Block 1 and Block 2.

Block 1: HONR 194AX The Fearfully Great Lizards of the Mesozoic: This course will explore the power and limitations of science through an in- depth investigation of the anatomy, physiology, ecology, biodiversity, phylogeny, and evolution of Dinosaurs. We will also examine the habitats and fauna of the Mesozoic to better understand the adaptive landscape of the time. Special attention will be given to the methods and scientific reasoning used by paleobiologists to reconstruct the biology of this (nearly!) extinct group of reptiles. Students will read a variety of primary sources to provide a historical contextualization of our current understanding of dinosaur biology and will learn fundamental dinosaur anatomy through 3D visualizations of skeletal materials.

Block 2: HONR 194AY Mesozoic Modeling: Students will use their knowledge gained in the Block 1 course to create probabilistic models of dinosaurs in various ways including but not limited to trophic level models, allometric models of dinosaur growth, interspecific and intraspecific competition models and models of fossil deposition. The knowledge gained in the first course will allow students to make more realistic assumptions and approximations leading to better models. Students will apply techniques consistent with STAT 121, Probability, in model simulations to make predictions about possible dinosaur interactions and behavior.

Honors First Year Experience: Linked Courses
The subject matter in these two courses will be interrelated and each course will substitute for general education requirements in each field of study. The purpose of Honors First Year Experience is to foster extended collaboration among students engaged in the study of ideas that transcend specific disciplines. These courses will emphasize active involvement and project completion. First Year Honors Linked Courses are an excellent way to begin your undergraduate explorations of Experience One. Students must register for both classes, one after the other during Blocks 1 and 2.


HONR 194AX The Fearfully Great Lizards of the Mesozoic (Block 1): M095 or students must satisfy the Math Proficiency Standards.
HONR 194AY Mesozoic Modeling (Block 2) M095 or students must satisfy the Math Proficiency Standards.

General Education in Science: BIOB 170: Principles of Biological Diversity
General Education in Mathematics: STAT121: Probability

Instructors: Dr. Dr. Bradley Wood and Dr. Joeseph Eason

Time: Fall 2023, Blocks 1 & 2

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