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Honors Program
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Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 294N/494N Red Scare and the Cold War

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries saw in the United States not only rapid industrialization, concentration of wealth, growth in both immigration and industrial jobs; but a rise in anarchist and socialist protests. This class, through film and documentaries, will look at a divided nation of protest and counter protest from 1917-1967 that has become the new normal.

1. The Wobblies Full Documentary
2. Seeing Red
3. Reds part one
4. Reds part Two
5. One of the Hollywood T en
6. Salt of the Earth
7. Cradle Will Rock
8. Katherine
9. Woody Allen the Front
10. Conspiracy Trial of the Chicago 8

Instructor: Dr. Michael Francisconi

427 Anthropology of Gender
475 Ecological Antropology
484 Economic Anthropology
494 Seminar
325 Social Stratification
445 Montana Indian Sovernity
485 Political Sociology
494 Seminar
Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology*
Anthropology 220 Culture and Society*
*Gen Ed Course

Time: Spring 2020 Stringer

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