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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HONR 194V / 394D - Honors Forum Spring 2020

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 11:20-12:10.
1 Credit (Pass/Fail; repeatable), stringer.

Honors students, who come from departments across campus, do not see each other regularly, making it difficult for them to build a sense of community. Honors Forum is a one-unit stringer where Honors students will have the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary discussions, organize and attend campus and community events, and get involved in the regional and national Honors conferences. During your career as an Honors student, you are encouraged to sign up for Honors Forum four times. These credits will count as elective credits toward most majors.

This course is designed to introduce students to interdisciplinary studies (the hallmark of Honors) and to engage students in scholarly and cultural activities on campus, in the community, and beyond. Each semester the course will focus on a different central text or texts which will serve as an entry point for interdisciplinary discussion and inquiry. Students will also attend and organize events for the UMW community.

1 Credit (Pass/Fail; repeatable), stringer. _____________________________________

Instructor(s): Dr. Michelle Anderson

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 11:20-12:10.

Time: Spring 2020, Stringer

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