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History of Country Blues

From early pre-blues history till the early post WWII period this course will look at the sounds of the rural south and the evolution of country blues with a close look at regional differences. This course will look at blues in its cultural, social and historic setting. This will be a class about the History of Country Blues up to and including World War II. It will be covered from the joint perspective of Historical Sociology and Cultural Anthropology. From day one this class will have two carefully linked melodies and tasks. Each student will focus on a specific topic related to the theme of the course. They will each write a 10 page minimum carefully researched paper on their topic within " The Blues. " Then jointly the students will collect these individual studies, bringing them together and modifying them into a script for a recorded hour-long radio program on the History of Country Blues.


Substitutions: Anthropology 220 Culture and Society
Anthropology 403 Economic Anthropology
Anthropology 427
Gender, Economy and Social Change
Anthropology 475 Cultural Ecology
Sociology 315 Political Sociology
Sociology 450 Social Stratification

Instructor: DR. Michael Francisconi

Time: Spring 2018, Block 5,

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