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Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

Venetian Glass and Facon de Venise -- Tracing the Dissemination of the Venetian Glass Tradition Northward

The glitter of Byzantine gold, the lapping waves of the Venetian waters at your feet, the glowing furnaces firing molten glass and your creative imagination - yes, this is your opportunity to experience the grandeur of European art, culture, food, history and charm! Now is your chance to travel across the paths of current and past glass masters, see the impact of the refinement and tradition of the glassmaking process developed by the Venetians, and its effect on the rest of European glassmaking traditions. Students will begin their studies in Venice Italy, travel north to Austria, Germany, and complete their adventures in the Czech Republic. During these travels, we will stop in various towns to investigate museums, glass schools, studios and factories, dine on delicious delicacies, take in the charm of various cultures and their architecture, and experience the nuances of different cultural traditions. This is a chance to not only work toward your graduation, but to grow as a person, expand your perspective, understandings, and experience a time in your life you will never forget! Get on the train and join the others tracking their growth across the treasures of Europe!

Travel Abroad: This course will take place during the 7th block of spring, 2018. We plan to leave before the first day of the block (Friday, March 9th and will arrive Saturday, March 10th) in order to give the students a chance to adjust to the jet lag prior to beginning their course work on Monday, March 12th. We will be in Europe until the last day of the block - April 4th, 2018. The course's duration will be 26 days. The breakdown per city will be as follows: seven days in Venice, one day in Austria, three days in Lauscha, four days in Bavaria, four days in the Czech Republic, the remaining seven days are for travel). We will hold preparatory meetings prior to our departure.

If you are interested in this class, contact Michael Hengler as soon as possible.

ARTZ: 108, 160, 241, 341, 490B ARTH: 200, 201

Instructor: Michael Hengler

Time: Spring 2018, Block 7,

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