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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 201/401
China: Ancient Meets Modern

The course will focus on modern China and the 5000 years of tradition and history that has shaped the present day country. The course will include the study and discussion of several of China's most distinguishing attributes including its history, geography, politics, economics, arts, language, philosophy, current affairs and lifestyle, as well as a look to the nation's future.

Service Learning Project:

Students will aid Chinese college students majoring in English with their written English skills and their cultural understanding of the United States

Taught by John Bailey

HON 201/401 Reading England is available for either lower or upper division credit.

HON 201 will substitute for the General Education requirements in Behavioral & Social Sciences (either part) or Humanities: Literary and Artistic Studies.
HON 401 will substitute for ENGL 454, ENGL 455, HIST 409, or POLS 409.

Instructors: Dr. Bethany Blankenship and Dr. Sean Eudaily

Time: Fall 2006, Block 3, 12-3pm

Prerequisite: ENGL 102

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