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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 202/302 Lost Gospels

By examining recent historical, archeological, linguistic, and biblical studies, students will conduct research projects in which they demonstrate a working skill in the historical methods and philosophical analysis of pre-Nicaea Christianity. Students will debate and discuss the competing investigations and approaches in biblical studies. Each student will then present her or his conclusions and defend them based upon data drawn from the recent research carried out by professionals in the area.

Student will put on a panel for the general public inviting interested parties to discuss their thoughts on the topic in a friendly environment.

These multi-modal essays will be compiled into an edited collection and published electronically. It could then be made available via free download, to anyone via's Kindle publishing platform.

Substitutions: Course substitutions:
Soci 101, Anty 220, ISSS 305, 315, 450, 475, 484, 485 Because Sociology 101 and Anthropology 220 are general education courses and because I teach them and because the over all content and methods will be covered in my honors class these should easily substitute for the 200 level honors class. The above ISSS classes are the ones I teach and all my upper division ISSS classes except 425 not included above will be covered to a degree in my 400 level honors class.


Time: Spring 2016, Block 8,

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