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Honors Program
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Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HONR 193A/293A: New York Bound: Explore and Experience the Arts

This course will guide students to understanding the visual and performing arts by, first, learning how the arts the “work” and how to analyze individual performances and pieces, and by first-hand exploration of world-class arts from around the globe in New York City. Tours of landmark architecture, and art galleries and museums; theatre, dance, and music performances; sidewalk and subway art --- these will all be part of a 6-day, 5-night study trip. In addition to the class instructor, professional guides will lead some hours of the trip.

During the first two weeks of class, students will meet during their regular class time for lectures, demonstrations, presentations by guest artists, visits to our campus art gallery and art studios, films, etc. Montana Arts Council staff will lead class discussions on public funding for the arts, and support of artists from under-represented cultures. Local field trips to artists’ studios, significant buildings (many on the National Register of Historic Places – the Public Library, Metlin Hotel, several private homes, US Post Office, and Montana Western’s Main Hall). Homework will include textbook study, visits to “virtual” galleries and performances, and attendance at on-campus rehearsals and performances. Students will prepare and practice written and oral analyses of the arts, and learn arts-specific vocabulary and concepts. They will preplan their personal itineraries (“free time” arts explorations) and learn how to keep a daily photo and written journal.

During the third week of class, students will travel together to NYC and visit such places as Battery Park; site of the World Trade Center; Times Square; Central Park; Metropolitan MOMA, Guggenheim Museums; St. Patrick’s Church, NY Public Library; Broadway show; jazz performance in Harlem. The group will stay at one of many new hostels in G Village or near NYU. During free time each day, they may choose from improv clubs, an off Broadway show, street performances, subway graffiti, Metropolitan Opera, the CLOISTERS, and the like.

Following the New York trip, students will have a day of preparation and rehearsal of public presentations. They will schedule these on campus during the last two days of class, and each student will do a repeat presentation for a local K-12 class, a senior citizens’ home, or a community service club, or the like


Instructor: Dr. Judy Ulrich

Substitutions: Possible course substitutions with consent of intructor and department:
  • ARTH 160: Global Visual Culture
  • FA 301: Contemporary Arts Issues
  • THTR 101: Introduction to Theatre
  • MUS 101: Introduction to Music
  • ARTZ 101: Introduction to Art
  • ARTH 200: Art of World Civilizations 1
  • ARTH 201: Art of World Civilizations 2

Time: Fall 2014, Block 2

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