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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 201 Art, Language and Culture of Italy (full sepester 16 credits course of study

This special full-semester program includes 10 weeks of travel, including two weeks travel in Rome and Florence, followed by two months in residence in the Villa Pieva Country House in Umbria. Students must sign up for HON 201 plus a combination of three of the visual art courses listed below, for a total of 16 credits. Meet with Dr. Mastandrea during spring 2011, for information on expenses for travel in Italy, to select the courses appropriate for you, for assistance in applying to the UMW Honors program, and to begin the process of preparing for the trip to Italy. Travel dates are approximately Sept. 20 to Nov.

Travel dates are approximately Sept. 20 to Nov. 28.
The first class will be held Monday, August 29, 2011, 3:15-6:30 pm.
The final class will be held Monday, Dec. 19, 2011, 3:15-6:30 pm.

Select 3 of the following Visual Arts classes:

ARTZ 105 (Art 141) Visual Language: Drawing (4 credits) Mastandrea & Becker (TBA) (limit 5 students)
ARTH 200 (Art 211) Art of World Civilizaton I (4 credits) Mastandrea & Moak (TBA) (limit 5 students)
ARTZ 271 (Art 243) Printmaking I (4 credits) Mastandrea (TBA) (limit 5 students)

ARTZ 311 (Art 341) Drawing II (4 credits) Mastandrea & Becker (TBA) (limit 5 students)
ARTZ 371 (Art 343) Printmaking II (4 credits) Mastandrea (TBA) (limit 5 students)
Art 311 Topics in Art History (4 credits) Mastandrea & Moak (TBA) (limit 5)

ARTZ 490C (Art 441) Directed Study: Advanced Studio Drawing (4 credits) Mastandrea & Becker (limit 5)
ARTZ 490D (Art 443) Directed Study: Advanced Studio Printmaking (4 credits) Mastandrea (limit 5 students)
ARTZ 494 (Art 409) Seminar (4 Credits) Mastandrea & Moak (limit 5 students)

Seats in this special semsester-long class are limited. If you wish to sign up for this special semester, Contact Eva Mastandrea immediately.


Instructor: Mastandrea

Substitutions: Possible course substitutions: HON 202 can be used to fulfill the General Education requirement for: Humanities: Literary & Artistic Studies. (see Eva Mastrandea for details about other substitutions)

Time: Fall 2011, ENTIRE SEMESTER (16 credits)

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