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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 102 Music and Mathematics

May not music be described as the mathematics of sense,
mathematics as music of the reason?
James Joseph Sylvester

In Music and Mathematics, students will examine musical phenomena from a mathematical perspective. Students will attend a series or formal lectures, discussion sessions, and practicum sessions. The formal lecture series will be open to the public. Most of the course will be centered around discussion and practicum sessions. Practicum sessions will focus on using mathematics to produce and analyze sound, examine and construct musical scales, design and build musical instruments, and compose music for performance. Students will write and present three papers on musical instruments and composition. For their final project, students will compose original musical pieces of a mathematical nature to be performed on the musical instruments they built. They will perform these original pieces and explain their mathematical genesis at a concert open to the public.

Substitutions: Possible course substitutions (subject to departmental approval): MATH 109

Instructors: Dr. Jeri Bonnin and Dr. Eric Dyreson

Time: Spring 2007, Block 6, 12-3pm

Prerequisite: MATH 007

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