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Honors Program
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Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 302 Ribbons of Time: Film and History

This course examines how motion pictures have presented historical truth directly, and how movies serve as historical artifacts (indirect depictions of history) that help us understand the periods in which they were made. As a popular form of entertainment, movies are often dismissed as frivolous or inherently inaccurate in depicting events of the past. But careful analysis can reveal both straightforward and subtle commentary that provide valuable insight into historical events and figures, and also color our perceptions of the past. In this class we will view selected films; read film analysis and criticism, including historical, sociological, literary, aesthetic, and political perspectives; and discuss and write commentary on the films and readings.

Substitutions: Possible course substitutions (subject to departmental approval):
HIST 325, 409, 456, ENG 280, 453

Instructors: Dr. John Hajduk & Dr. Bill Janus

Time: Spring 2005, Stringer, Thursdays 6-9pm

Prerequisite: ENGL 102

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