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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

HON 201/401
Political Leadership: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

This is an interdisciplinary course drawing upon the disciplines of politics, sociology, culture, history, and organizational behaviors. An exciting, applied, and both historical and current view of selected political leadership behaviors. The course provides a comparative analysis of US and other political leaders focusing on skills, attitudes, contexts, ideologies, and lessons for future leaders.

Each student will prepare a research paper on a political leader of his or choice and submit a final report, accompanied by a verbal presentation. In addition, each group of students will do creative research in developing their arguments in favor [or against] a set of pre-defined symposia resolutions. In all these exercises students will be expected to produce quality work that may be considered for future publication

The course is designed for honors students to meet the following ideals: [a] The ideal of multidisciplinary research in history, political science, sociology, leadership literature and organizational behavior. [b] The ideal of providing hands-on experiential learning through in-depth interactive assessment of selected political leaders. Such a list may include any one or more of the following world leaders: Lincoln, Johnson, Clinton, Roosevelt, Bush [or Kerry], Tony Blair, Churchill, Nehru, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Putin. Manmohan Singh, Chinese Communist Party, or another selection of interest to students.

HON 201/401 Reading England is available for either lower or upper division credit.

HTR 204, BUS 325, BUS 364, ENG 102, POLS 409.

Instructor: Dr. Jim Sethi

Time: Fall 2006, Block 2, 12-3pm

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