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HONR 291/491 Ribbons Of Time: Film & History

This course examines the ways that motion pictures, especially those created by Hollywood, have presented historical truth directly, and how movies serve as historical artifacts of the eras in which they are made. As a popular form of entertainment, movies are often dismissed as frivolous or inherently inaccurate in depicting events of the past. But careful analysis can reveal both straightforward and subtle commentary that provides valuable insight into historical events and figures, and also have an immense impact on the general public's perception of both the past and present. In this class, we will view selected films, alternating American and European features; read film analysis and criticism, including historical, literary, aesthetic, and political perspectives; and discuss and write our own interpretations of those films and readings.


LIT 169 Literature as Popular Culture
HSTA 215 Post World War II America HSTA 331 History of Mass Media
HSTR 326 Contemporary Europe
HSTA/HSTR 494 Seminar
HSTR 423 European Intellectual History
HSTA 412 American Thought and Culture
SOCI 494 Seminar


Time: Fall 2017, Entire Semester,

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