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HONR 194B/294F The Role of Science Denial as a Force in Society

There appears to be a growing anti-science movement, pursued on many fronts, but united by the single-minded strategy of denying scientific facts and science-based conclusions that run counter to a group's purposes/beliefs. Science deniers tend to capitalize on public distrust of government and/or scientific authorities as a means of furthering their particular interests. Using strategies such as promoting public fear or by claiming scientific uncertainty, science deniers attempt to win over significant numbers of followers to their cause. This course will seek to understand the roots of the current science denial movement by reviewing the history of science denial, investigating the methods used by anti-science proponents, and seeking to understand the ultimate goals of these individuals/groups. Class discussions will be based on selected readings from current literature on science denial, as outlined in the syllabus. Each student will prepare a literature-based research paper and an oral presentation on a science denial subject of his/her choice.


Instructor: Dr. Jack Kirkley

BIOB 101 - Discover Biology (for use as a Gen. Ed. course: Elementary Ed. majors excluded )
PHIL 241 - History and Philosophy of Science

Time: Fall 2016, 8:15-11:15 BLOCK 2

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