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Honors Program
Course Description

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence.

Visions of the West: Charting a Course for Western Studies

An in-depth analysis of the West as envisioned in academic, artistic, cultural, ecological, economic, historical, geologic, literary, political, and popular discourses. The major theme of the course will be the nature and scope of interdisciplinary analysis necessary to capture the rich mosaic and enduring contradictions of the Western experience.

To this end course materials will include Western artists, musicians, and writers; the scientific study of the flora, fauna, and landforms of the region; the economic, cultural, social, and political history of the West; topical discussion of the current challenges and opportunities facing Westerners; and the emerging secondary literature on Western/ Pacific Northwest/ Intermountain West/ Rocky Mountain Studies.

Students will participate in class discussions, field-based group activities (which will include either service-learning and/or community action research), presentations to the public, and original research projects. The seminar as a whole will produce a framework document to help guide the further development of Western Studies at UM-Western. Seminar.

To be directed by Dr. Sean Eudaily (HPSS) drawing on specific faculty competencies from across all of campus

ENG 168 "Literature and the Environment" (4)
ENG 280 "Visions of America" (4)
ENVS 329 "Natural Resource Issues" (4)
GEOG 305 "Cultural and Social Geography" (4)
HIST 371 "Montana and the American West" (4)
POLS 409 "Seminar" (4)
SOC 475 "Cultural Ecology" (4)

Instructor: Dr. Sean Eudaily

Time: Fall 2006, Block 3, 12-3pm


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