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HON 101/201 Scientific Glass - The Fundamentals of Torch Worked Glass

Fire up your torches' blue flame and prepare to melt your glass to white heat! This course is a forum where science and art meld. The techniques that are fundamental to fabricate precise scientific apparatuses are the same to render works of art. Science students - this course will increase your value as a scientist by adding one more tool to your belt that will separate you from the rest of the applicants for jobs and graduate school. Art students - this course will give you a strong foundation in the essential principals of torchworking. Curious minds - you will learn how to melt glass in order to blow it, shape it, and form it into your vision. This course will cover the fundamentals of torch working borosilicate. It is a course geared toward both the non-art student as a means to develop and bolster one's proficiency in science oriented endeavors, and also for the art student who would like to develop a strong technical foundation in the principals of torch worked glass. Welds, marias, bends, hot popping, scoring, pulling points, heats for punties and their application, heat color index, flame settings, flame guides, and principals and working methods of glass will be covered in this course.


Substitutions: Course substitutions:
Art K-12 Education major: can be used for one of the 3-D category choices;
General Education: Humanities, Expressive Arts category;
Biology major: Elective, or Integrative Biology Option elective;
Visual Arts major: 3-D category course

Course fee: $150


Time: Spring 2017, Block 7,

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